Rumour Has it; Rihanna is Pregnant

I wouldn't call this rumour but the question is why does everyone seem so quiet about her pregnancy? Is Rihanna Pregnant for real? 

Her dress sense seem to have grown big and her beauty evolved to something mouth watering, I hope you know what I mean! Rihanna has been my number one celebrity chic and I do hope, she's carrying a beauty in her.

Some of her Instagram pictures below will surely break the ice and get the scale off your eyes! 

Though she hasn't come out open, we can't be too sure but whatever it is, I really do wish @badgalriri all the best!

Stay Strong Ariana, The Letter From a Father That Went Viral

Following the Manchester Attack, Ariana Grande received some fatherly advice from Patrick Millsaps, a dad from Georgia in the U.S. with three daughters. Maybe not expected, but the open letter he wrote for the singer went viral with lots of positivity and more love for the heart broken musicians.

He wrote the letter after seeing Ariana Grande’s response to the attack on Twitter. He wanted her to "receive some redneck love from a daddy of daughters,” according to him

Ariana had tweeted; “broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don’t have words.”

Apart from obviously trying to console Grande, Millsaps also offered some coping advice. He urged her to Spend time with God, her family and friends who would give her space and support when needed. 

Read the letter below;

 Well, as eariler mentioned, the response to Millsaps’ words has been overwhelmingly positive with more trooping in.

The rest of Grande's tour has been postponed and posts on her social media account on hold till she probably recovers from the shock...

Are Beauty Makeovers Worth Undergoing

You are probably one among millions of woman who have thought about changing their appearance with beauty makeovers. For most women, all they do is think. Beauty is surely an important issue in life, especially to women,

Despite their various ages. 99 percent are afraid of losing that beauty. The quest for a long lasting beauty makes a good number of women get makeovers each year.

Well, with beauty in mind though, there are feasible reasons you should as a matter of fact consider undergoing a makeover.
  • The fact that makeovers helps in Improving your appearance is just one of the outnumbered reasons you should consider getting a makeover. Though, when it comes to applying appearance improving techniques, many only believe measures, like weight loss or cosmetic surgery are the only methods of enhancing one's look. Yes, these methods will absolutely help you improve your physical appearance, but, like you know, they can be really expensive. Unlike these costly measures, makeovers are affordable and are simple ways to improve your physical appearance. With makeovers, your hair can be done, you will be made up professionally and to say but the least get a manicure!
  • Apart from improving your appearance, undergoing a makeover will assist in relieving you of any stress that you may be suffering from. For starters, for instance, when undergoing a makeover, A professional does all the work and all you do is sit back, relax and enjoy the moment. The enhancement in appearance goes a long way in uplifting the sprits of women 
  • Perhaps the fun you may get is the best reason you need to give undergoing aa beauty makeover a second thought. Makeovers whether done in solo or with a group of friends are perfect. There is always an exciting experience in getting a makeover, even though they may not last forever. You might want to know this if you don't; most makeover specialists and beauticians give customers the freedom over their makeover, you are free to decide what should be done on you and how. 
  • Many professional beauticians have under gone series of training and on-the-job experience just to be the right professional personnel for your satisfaction. Thus the expertise a beautician performing your makeover possesses is a good reason why you should to say the least consider undergoing a makeover. Since your beautician is so experienced, you may learn a few neat tips, tricks, and techniques. So, a makeover can also improve your knowledge in the future as well.
As earlier mentioned, the above reasons are a part of the many reasons you should at least consider undergoing a professional beauty makeover. If you prefer to use a makeover as a means of having fun and relieving all your stress, then you should consider contacting your local beauty salons, spas, or hair salons. You can always locate these establishments by asking the internet or those around you for recommendations.

Incase you would prefer undergoing your makeover in the comfort of your home, you may want to inquire about an at-home makeover. Most individual beauticians, especially those who are self-employed, would be more than willing to accommodate you and at a relatively affordable cost.

Notwithstanding what you may have been told before or heard, makeovers are nit just for large social events, like weddings. Truth is, you can always get a makeover at just any point in time you wish, even for a flimzy excuse. The decision is always your decision to make. I will be grateful if You will gladly keep the above mentioned points in mind when making that decision. #smiles