Snoring Remedies For A Better Sleep

Anyone who knows they snore has probably tried to stop snoring before. Not just for themselves, but for other people who wake up and lose valuable rest because of the noise. The problem is, snoring is not voluntary, it is an involuntary action.

The noisy sounds of snoring occur when there is an obstruction in the free flow of air through the passages at the back of the mouth and nose where the tongue and upper throat meet the soft palate and uvula. These structures striking each other and vibrating during breathing cause the sounds that keeps millions of people awake at night.

A good percent of young adults snore at least occasionally, and approximately 25 percent are habitual snorers. Men are more likely to snore than females. It is also common among people who are overweight. Aging also contribute to the effect of snoring but it does not affect everyone during their aging process.

One of the most common reasons that people snore are because they sleep on their back and the fatty tissue in their throat relaxes and impedes air passage. You probably will avoid snoring if you try sleeping on your side. One way to achieve this is by turning over your side and place a large body pillow flat on the bed, so rolling over will be difficult due to the presence of the pillow. In addition, there are special pillows that are designed to help those who snore. Correcting your allergy problem can also pit a stop to snoring.

I know, I know, involuntary or not, snoring can be so embarrassing when your spouse or anyone else wakes you up from your beauty sleep just to scream "Stop Snoring!!!"


Beauty sleep disturbed!

Pride overtaken!

Want to stop that now?

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What's There To Know About Failure

Failure is annoying and never minds its business because it keeps pokenosing in people's affairs unfairly... 
Here are The few Crazy Things About Failure... 

1. You,  Everybody have Experienced failure 
Failure isn't something anyone wants to experience but the bottom line is,  everyone in one way or the other have experienced failure... Before you shout no!  You might just get bumped by a memory of an experience with failure... It isn't nice though but it somehow always happen. 
So why feel bad for not getting something right when there is a chance for the second trial?

2. Listening To The Right People Can Check Failure... 
Oh yes! The 'I'm too good' attitude has Surely done more harm than good on people who always thinks listening to the opinions of other is a waste of time... Trust me,  one idea can surpass your 101 ideas.
Listening to the opinions of others can boost an idea to you have,  it might even be the key to your success... So when you listen,  know who gives the right opinion from those who give the negative opinion... 

3. Failure Is A Teacher 
Failure,  no matter how bad it is,  teaches a lesson...  If taking path B leads you to failure,  next time, you will know Path A is better... Undergoing failure is better than not trying at all because by trying you got an experience that will help check your next trial... 
Failure is strict teacher,  whatever you learn,  gets embedded in you for a long long time... 

4. You can let Failure Make You Succeed or Quit
The choice is yours. Should you stop trying because you failed once or twice or would you try harder and do better so you can overcome failure? The choice as always is yours... Failure shouldn't be a excuse to stop trying, it shouldn't be the reason.  
Rather than let failure discourage you,  let it motivate you... 

5. The Blame Game is Failure's Checkmate
Failure always has its way of making you blame everyone or anything you find worth blaming...  But blaming your family,  your friends,  your condition or more for being the reason of your failure gets you more sullen in failure... 

#CrimeAgainstWomen: INDIAN TEEN Raped And Murdered For Dating An ARAB MUSLIM

The body of 19yr old Celine Dookhran, was found inside a £1.5million home in south west London and a court was told that the Indian Muslim was 'raped and murdered after she started seeing an Arab Muslim'. Say what?
Daily Mail Reporting Overviewed;
Ms Dookhran was kidnapped, bound and gagged with another lady (name withheld for legal reasons) and taken to an address in south west London where they were both raped. Ms Dookran was murderd on July 19. Her name was probably snapped.
The surviving victim said a sock was forced into her mouth and the kidnappers used a Taser to subdue both her and Ms Dookhan before they were rolled in dustsheets and bundled into a vehicle.
The suspect Mujahid Arshid, 33 and his co defendant, Vincent Tappu, 28, were both charged with the murder, rape and kidnap of Miss Dookhran as well as the rape, attempted murder and kidnap of the second woman.
Just what is wrong with an Indian Muslim dating an Arab muslim? Does it matter if they weren't of the same nationality?

Nude sells But Kylie Jenner's Got None For Her SnapChat Hacker

Seems hackers are relentlessly targeting celebrities because they know that mosts Fans will do anything to see the other side of their world.

Kylie Jenner's the newest victim as her Snapchat has been hacked.

The Hacker obviously wanted to share her private pictures like the world haven't seen just enough but good thing Kylie's got no nude on her Snapchat!

He'd probably have to give Kylie back what's rightfully hers. After chewing his words back that she had no nude!

Below is the message sent to Millions of her followers on Sunday.

Body Flaunting By Eva Longoria

Seems body flaunting is at its peak now! Eva's is definitely getting on someone's wish list. Her body put on display is obviously going to lead some ladies to the gym... #justsaying.
 The blue and white bikini is just perfect for an enjoyable summer out in the sea.

Something About Amber Rose's Outfit

As a lover of stripped outfits, I'd be darned not to share this collection of pictures. Though covered up, the mom of one is still stunning. 

Only of she will stay covered for a long long time.

Was Ivanka Trump’s Brief Representation of Her Father at the G20 Summit Worth the Outrage?

So there has been some hullabaloo on social media because President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka briefly sat in for her father while he was away from the table, during the G20 summit meeting in Hamburg, Germany.  
My thoughts so far after reading several versions of the news.
Americans Probably felt that Trump had made the presidential duty a family business or sort of but that's nothing to worry about since America Practices the Republican System of Government and not the Monarchy system! Maybe the fact that she's female caused the outcry. Or was she not worthy of sitting with other leaders of the world? 
To think that she's not only her Father's senior adviser but also a wife to Jared Kusher, another senior adviser to J Trump and the head of the new Office of American Innovation.
This is actually the 2nd time such is happening...