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Unhealthy Habits That Affects The Brain Negatively

Our brain is the powerhouse of the body. There are some activities we partake in knowingly or unknowingly that adds in damaging our brain. This habits can cause the brain to damage gradually. Sometimes we are guilty of paying little or no attention to our brain but today, let's list out some habits that you might be guilty of which is unhealthy for the brain...

1. Skipping breakfast
Breakfast is an essential part of a healthy day but most times we often ditch breakfast due to our daily schedule. Although, there my be genuine reasons why people skip breakfast,  but this action may cause the body system to have lower blood sugar, which reduces supply of nutrient to the brain. This will gradually results to brain degeneration.

2. Overeating
Eating is an essential part of our life but what happens when we overeat? Overeating most times is as a result of skipping breakfast. This damages the brain as it causes the brain to hear den, decreasing one's mental power.

3. Insufficient Sleep
Depriving oneself from sleeping can lead to the damaging of brain cells... The brain needs to rest, not resting affects our brain power and might lead to memory loss.

4. Consuming Excess Sugar 
Sugar is good but when taken into the body in a large amount daily,  can disrupt the absorption of protein and nutrients in the body. This leads to malnutrition and hinders brain development.

5. Smoking 
There is a popular saying that smokers are liable to die young...  Generally, it isn't a hidden fact that smoking damages the lungs. It also affects the brain by causing it to shrink... Nicotine aids the development of Alzheimer’s disease.


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