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Beautiful Collections Of 2017 trendy Shirt Dresses

Denim shirt dresses
Shirt dresses have surely come to stay! you don't need to be a fashionista to know about the trend that has ravished ladies this year. Everyone rocks the shirt dresses and celebrities are left out!

Below are some beautiful shirt dresses you might want buy

Shirt dresses styles: How to wear?
2017 trendy shirt dresses styles

Shirt dresses styles: male-female

Cotton shirt dress

cotton shirt dress

Military shirt dresses styles

Military shirt dresses styles
Military or Safari shirt dresses styles will give you some spice and individuality. Large breast pockets or pockets on hips in combination with the accentuated waistline is one of the most attractive option of the season. The look will be enhanced by a beautiful wide leather belt or a bag with a slim strap.

Denim Shirt Dresses
Denim shirt dresses are one of the most successful and stylish creations from the denim trend of this season. Everything is perfectly combined: an appealing silhouette, stylish everyday practicality, with the most fashionable material.

Denim shirt dresses - Toke Makinwa

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Navy shirt dress
Navy Shirt dresses styles

Another cute kinds are the ones decorated with rich navy shades and flirty embroidery. The style can look better by choosing platform shoes, padded shoulder bag, and large sunglasses.

Red Shirt Dress
Red shirt dresses styles: Toke Makinwa

Red dress-shirt perfectly emphasizes all the flattering areas of your body. Remember that such dress will be the brightest component of your look.

Shirt dresses styles: Makinwa

White shirt dress
White shirt dresses styles: Toke Makinwa
If you are not fond of prints, the next white shirt will capture your heart.

White shirt dress
This type of dress will help you to look more fresh and pure. If you are tired of bright colours, opt for white shirt dresses.

Pink shirt dress
Pink shirt dresses styles

This is a happy middle between red and plain white shirt dress. Pink shirt dress will help you look more tender and gentle.

Green shirt dress
Green shirt dress

Such a variant will be suitable for those who want to look really special. Dark green will help you stand out. Actually, you may choose any shade of green and look gorgeous.

Printed shirt dress and striped shirt dress

Shirt dresses styles: stripped

Shirt dresses with strips

Small floral prints, stripes, polka dots designs will change your daily image. Another great ones will be colours like orange, white or blue shirt dress.

Shirt dresses styles: Adaeze Yobo

Sleeveless shirt dress or short sleeve shirt dress

Sleeveless shirt dress

short sleeve shirt dress

Short shirt dress
Shirt dresses styles: short
The shorter and freer your style, the lower your heels are. The style determines the choice of shoes – these can be sandals, affordable shoes or elegant flats and boots.

Long shirt dress

Long shirt dress
A long shirt dress is perfectly combined with high-heeled or platform shoes. It would be an ideal style.

Warm shirt dress

warm shirt dresses styles
If you have on a very short shirt dress, they are perfectly accessorized with leggings, cropped skinny jeans or solid colored opaque tights. In this case, the outfit will be perfectly combined with trendy heeled ankle boots and small platform shoes.

Open your hearts for inspiration. Be in trend and always look gorgeous!

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