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Women Health: Lose Belly Fat In Nigeria

Having to struggle with stubborn and abdominal fat is like trying to kill nothing, you just can't get rid of them, and exercising most times isn't fun for most ladies due to their daily schedules and health challenges. But before you give up on getting the that slimmed look, below are some methods which can give you a slimmer figure in a couple of months, weeks or days depending on your practice.
Below are tricks to do/use if you want to get rid of stomach fat.

1. Exercise and eat right
No kidding, right? Yet so many of us sabotage this no-brainer of a gut-busting plan. Study after study proves that eating a well-balanced diet heavy in fruits, veggies and whole grains and low in fat and refined sugars, plus exercising regularly, will help you shed not only subcutaneous fat (the surface fat that makes love handles), but also the deeper visceral fat, which builds up around abdominal organs and can raise your chance of suffering high cholesterol, heart disease, or type 2 diabetes.
And regular exercise not only helps you slim down your whole body, it actually shrinks the size of fat cells in your stomach.

2. Don't be a stress case
The link between stress and belly fat is a case still being studied by Scientists. Heightened cortisol levels in blood, resulting from stress, seem to react with the body's insulin to create visceral abdominal fat -- and, in a double whammy, to also drive us toward fatty, sugary foods. Reducing stress may make it easier to say no to barbecue chips or chocolate truffles that go straight to the waistline. Try yoga as a way of cutting stress. Bonus: it'll tone you, too. And if your daily commute is a cause of stress, wear an iPod or read a funny book to help you chill out on public transportation; if you drive, consider ways to reduce your commuting time.

3.  Use Waist trainers

Waist training is a great way to lose a couple of inches around the waist but It isn't just meant for shaping and reduce your waist size, it also motivates you to achieve that sexy silhouette you get when wearing a waist trainer.

How To get Faster Result With waist training
1. Wear it daily
To see better results, you have to wear it daily, you have to be consistent in its usage for at least 5-8 hours. For the first few days of waist training you will need to gradually start wearing your waist trainer. This is called the "seasoning" or "breaking in" stage.

2. Buy Quality Waist Trainers
Quality matters a lot, and you should know that in order to get great results you need a waist trainer that will make your waist sweat. Because of the frequency in its usage, you have to buy a to quality material that will not break easily.

What to do to reduce unwanted belly fat quickly with waist trainers
1. It isn't called waist training for nothing so you have to train daily, approximately 5-8 Hours a day.
2. Eat low fat avoid unhealthy meals.
3. Try as much as possible to exercise 4-5 days a week.

This may be seem like a lot to do but with consistency, you will discover that it is well worth it when the result that flowing in.
Apart from helping you lose belly fat, waist trainers also help improve the posture and prevent an easily sleepy and lazy you from being lazy.

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