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Understanding Your Priorities As A Lady

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Dear ladies, do you feel absurd or low self esteemed?

Do you see yourself as never fitting in?

Do you feel you are too skinny, fat,

short, tall, ugly or improvised to fit in?

Well here is what I have for you!

1. Never let anyone make you feel you are not up to standard.

2. Never look down on your self to the extend of depression.

3. Never be scared of mingling.

4. have your goals and specialties. Know what gives you joy, or read inspirational books.

5. If you are good in poems, common! :) write a good peom.

6. Tell yourself that you are good enough to be who you are, never let mediocrity weigh you down.

7. If you have money, get the little you can and furnish yourself with good cloths and makeups, if you don't, be contented with what you have!

8. Never think of having a boyfriend because you want to feel among or because you feel with him, you can have your needs attended to! If you are not ready for a relationship, stay away, never be in a relation because of monetry aspect.

9. Forget about what people say Concerning you and focus on your happiness And Ambition In Life.

10. Think of a handwork that can keep you busy and away from prying eyes.. Hair dressing, Tailoring? and many more. AND

11. Walk to God always and never forget! God loves you and He created you perfectly! Stay happy!


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