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Why You Play the Blame Game And How To Take Responsibilities For Your Action

Too often,  humans tend to employ the blame techniques to get out of troubles which they sometimes get more sulked in... 

What Does a Blame Game mean? 
A blame game,  according to the Cambridge dictionary is: a situation in which people try to blame each other for something bad that has happened.

We enjoy blaming anything that can be blamed to hide away from the fact that we are at fault or Guilty of an act.

In this context, It is clearly understandable when;
A child blames his stealing act on hunger.
A student blames his failure on his teacher.
A worker blames his/her lateness on distance.
A police officer blames his shot on self defense.
A leader blames the failure of his administration on the predecessors.

You will see, in one way or the other in this article, that we all are guilty of the Blaming act. Mistakes are inevitable but most times as humans when we make a mistake, we immediately figure out who was at fault, who to push the issue at stake to, we want to be free from whatever burden a mistake or situation might place on us.

The blame game can be the characteristics of someone who; 
- Manages to blame everyone around him/her for his/her mistake.

- Tend to blame themselves for everything, even when they had little or nothing at all to do with an unfortunate outcome. They just feel they are the cause of anything occurrence happening around them. These set of people attributes any good happenings to luck, chance, good fate and so on.

- Blame fate or a supernatural force when there is no one in sight to push the blame to.

Why Do People Employ The Blame Game? 
Self Defense 
The blame game is just an Avenue to hide one's flaw, you know, you did this, but you blame a innocent B because you want to preserve your self esteem. You don't care if it was your fault, you just want to disregard the fact that you were wrong.

Hurting Techniques 
You know, the bottle broke because you kicked it but you blame it on someone else because He was having an argument with you before you kicked it.

Can't accept the responsibility of an act
Like I said, mistakes tend to happen, accidents are not inviting and happenings without our knowledge. It is hard to accept being the cause of your failure, so you just blame it on nature, your teacher, hunger or a disturbing seat mate.

Lying is better than Punishment 
You can't just accept responsibility for an act because you can blame someone and live freely, besides, no one will know you actually broke the glass.

Addressing the Blame Game
If you feel, you need to change and over cone that act of blaming people and this for no reason, you can start from.
-Taking responsibility for your mistakes and actions.
-Beat the temptation to blame others. 
Accept your failure and learn from your mistake.


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